Based in New York City

Thank you so much for visiting my website and making it this far! 

I love creating beautiful photographs of course like every other photographer, but I also love having a great time doing so! I like to discuss with my clients on what they are really needing from my images, and what are they trying to say to the people who will be viewing the images. I also love making personal relationships with my team and my clients, being on my set you should really have a great time and feel like you are hanging with some of your best friends.


& A little about myself! 

10 Things you should know about Zach Alston! 

1. He LOVES sushi, maybe a little too much...

2. His selfie game is on point! ;] 

3. He loves collaborating with other creative individuals to make something amazing that couldn't have been done otherwise! 

4. He loves having not only a professional relationship with his team and his clients but also a personal relationship and likes to consider them some of his closest friends! 

5. Huge animal rights activist! 

6. Has his BFA in Commercial Photography ! 

7. He loves playing video games in his personal time! 

8. Loves a challenge and solving problems! 

9. He loves talking about business and what his clients are trying to convey with his images.

10. He wants to make sure everyone is having an amazing and fun time working with him, you'll laugh, you'll have fun, but mostly we will make great photographs!